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On 7/23 DRONE WORLD was marked “Highly Recommending” by Dr. J. Reads (, a Blogger who also posts reviews on Amazon and GoodReads.

Drone World is engaging from the first few words.  The book works well as a young adult work, as well as a science fiction story.  I would recommend the book for readers young and old and would gladly add it to my classroom bookshelf.  Highly inventive and gripping.

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Drone World (The World Series Book 1)

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I had won an audio copy of Drone World using, not sure which sea of the giveaways I received it from author or member. I honestly couldn’t remember entering for it but I am oh so pleased I won. A world where Drones follow your every move. This post apocalyptic story was not only intrusive into the lives of our characters but brilliantly crafted in creating a world of possibilities. I easily finished this audiobook in two days. I was left pondering the plot line as the story advanced and let out a few verbal OMG through the unveiling of the most diabolical of plot twist. My only downfall is that while the stir progressed and had the best twisty twist I was not entirely happy with the ending. It was good but the brief look of what I saw of book two it just didn’t seem as appealing as Drone World. The narration took some getting use to as our main character is a young female but it is narrated in a male voice (the author narrated his own work) so that did take some adjusting but by the end of the book it work, his voice really worked for the part. It gave her voice the sharpness and edge it needed. What I didn’t enjoy about the audio where the sound effects. I think this would be perfect for you teens but as for me being an adult I felt it was a juvenile touch.

Reasons I enjoyed this book:

Action-packedEntertainingGreat world buildingOriginalPage-turner