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Drone World by Jim Kochanoff (Book Review #34)

By Jeyran Main on November 11, 2016 • ( 4 Comments )

Here is a brave, curious girl, living in a world of which drones follow and control their every move. The whole justice system is run based on the evidence these cameras, satellites and most importantly, drones offer in court. No one knows where drones are made, maintained and come from. No one is even allowed to ask who or what is controlling these drones.

Due to this implemented high-security system, crime is almost non-existent. Pene, the heroine of this story falls into the wrong place at the wrong time when she secretly visits her favorite shopkeeper. The incident Pene observes becomes questionable in her mind, and as her age permits, she seeks for more intel regarding things that are forbidden and not to be questioned. This curiosity reveals some troubling facts, which causes her to get even deeper into the flaw of her living drone world.

A little history lesson catches Pene’s attention into finding out more about her mother and opening up about her feelings for her father. Austen, the boy she makes friends with at the shopkeeper’s place, becomes a valuable asset for her growing knowledge, and they become closer. Pene does not let the questionable issues rest and by pursuing to find out more, she unravels many mysteries and creates a riot that inevitably changes her world for the better in some sense and for the worse in another perspective.

This book is very much like a Hollywood movie production story with an absorbing plot, character building and fantastic skill of writing. The Author has a very calm and open way of explaining things in a very clear format to the reader. This talent is beneficial because it makes the book readable for anyone and not just for science fiction fans. I absolutely loved the relationship between Pene and her father. The author managed to portray the correct and exact way teenagers behave, feel and bond in this book. The pace of the story was steady enough, giving the reader ammunition in wanting to know more. Drone World is the first book of its series and the end of the tale definitely makes you want to know what happens next.

I recommend this book to everyone.

Written by Jeyran Main