The Pursuit (2013)

About This Book

Imagine the ability to track any missing person for 24 hours after their disappearance. Think of the lives you could save, the criminals you could capture. After the disappearance of his wife and daughter, a man discovers that he has the ability to see the trail left by their last movements. To make up for his loss, he works relentlessly to reunite families even if the efforts kill him. A serial killer that he is tracking, will try to make that a reality.

The Pursuit is a supernatural thriller tracing two stories. One case is about a man’s ability to pursue missing persons using the resources of the FBI. The second case traces the loss of his wife and daughter as he tries to discover why they were taken from him. The case from the past and the present merge as the kidnappers use his ability against him to set a trap to punish him and his family.