There's a Beagle in My Bed

About This Book

Jellybean is a good dog who does bad things. Jaya has always wanted a puppy but owning one is a lot of hard work. She learns that a puppy can get into more trouble than you can shake a paw at. . . .  

There’s a Beagle in my Bed is a richly illustrated bedtime story for parents to read to three to six year olds. Based on true events, the real puppy JellyBean caused many problems for its owners before ultimately winning her family over.

There’s a Beagle in My Bed is a children’s book illustrating the joys and hard work in adopting a dog from the SPCA. Jaya is a young girl who learns the hard way that puppies are tiring work. JellyBean is an active puppy that gets herself into all kinds of trouble.

There’s a Beagle in My Bed is written by a mother/son team. Peggy Kochanoff has illustrated and wrote two published wildlife books “Nearby Nature” and “Beachcombing the Atlantic Coast.” She is a graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Zoology and worked at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. Jim Kochanoff is a former production manager of the animated children series, “The Hippo Tub Co.” created by Canadian musician Anne Murray.