Everyone has a story.


Through books, we make unique friends and visit lands that we never thought possible.

My writing philosophy is to create an adventure that readers will get lost in. The following books can be bought online or if you can't afford it, I have provided links to free downloadable copies for your enjoyment.

Life is an adventure and I hope you enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed the process of writing them. Your adventure begins now. . .

Author, Jim Kochanoff


           Coming to Bookstores in September 2018

           Coming to Bookstores in September 2018

About the Author

Jim Kochanoff’s specialty is action/adventure, putting the reader into adrenaline driven stories. His first novel “Men of Extreme Action” is based on the action movie industry and is signed with Toonz Animation of India to be produced as an animated television pilot.

He is the former production manager of the animated children series, “The Hippo Tub Co.” airing on the CBC and created by Canadian musician Anne Murray.

He is the Chairman of the Nova Scotia SPCA and uses the proceeds from his children’s book towards this worthy charity. He is Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and works for the Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board servicing Municipal Affairs. He has a beautiful wife, Avai, an entertaining daughter named Jaya, and an extremely fast doberman named Lola.